Every time I cook at home I have leftovers for another meal for all or at least lunch for one of us. Every time I cooked for a party or a takeaway, leftovers were mentioned in the feedback. The enjoyment of the flavours and the pleasure of not having to cook for one more day always been mentioned and appreciated. That got me thinking. Is that a mere coincidence? Maybe not.

I’m the youngest of a large family, so my mum always cooked in a large saucepan. Even when my eldest brothers and sisters left home my mum struggled to reduce the quantities. And I used to laugh at that. Also, there was the fact that somebody might drop by unexpectedly at a mealtime, so we were always prepared.

Food traditions are a major element of a culture. Our personal food habits are a main aspect of our life and I have no doubt those habits lay dormant somewhere in our subconscious dictating our likes or dislikes based on our initial experience of it.

Sharing tasty and healthy recipes cooked from fresh and with love at affordable prices is part of me and I am glad and humbled by the fact that I can bring it to others to enjoy.

So if you fancy tasting my recipes or learn to prepare them, join my online cookery classes.