Christmas is coming and the stress of what to cook, what gifts to buy and for whom, who to invite to dinner, where to go etc is piling up. It is all stress and worry, but is it worth it?

Christmas is about reflection, hope and belonging. We all crave to belong and only by being a part of a tribe do we feel safe, supported and mentally balanced.

In a time when everything is instant and we are speeding towards an online world, we really need to reflect and make serious decisions about how to live and maintain a balance mentally and physically.

We humans need hope to cope with life challenges. We all find hope in different sources: family, friends, faith, sport or a hobby and so on.  Hope comes with the support of other people we surround ourselves with and that is where we can invest our effort in building relationships.

So Christmas is that time when we evaluate, assess our priorities and act on what we need to do to cherish the people around us, not by sending cards from a list or buying a gift because we have to, but by getting in touch with each other and spending quality time with the people who matter. And if you have the funds to source a gift, is all the better. I personally love gifts.

It would be wrong of me not to mention food as a glue for relationships ( all relationships). And it doesn’t have to be a banquet. Sharing whatever we have – fruits, nuts, biscuits or soup.  It is all in the sharing. Food reflects our culture and we need to make it a generous and abundant one.

Give your loved ones the gift of time by cooking and eating with them over this festive period. What could be better than transporting your friends and family to sunnier climes with my Lebanese food?  Choose from one of my scheduled class dates or book a private cooking experience just for your family and friends.  If you prefer to sit back and have someone else do all the cooking, you can hire me as your personal chef to prepare your very own Lebanese feast.

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