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Wafaa Powell

I live in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, with my family but I was born in Lebanon where I lived until I married my English husband in the 1990s. I am the youngest of 7 siblings and people are at the heart of everything I do.  I am passionate about sharing my love of belly dancing and Lebanese cuisine with people.

My inspiration for cookery comes from my Mum who found in food the best way to show her love and, as a result, I am very passionate about people, food and dance. My Mum’s recipes are traditional, simple and tasty and those she in turn learnt from her Mum and her neighbours. These are the recipes I grew up eating and learning how to prepare.

I believe eating should be a pleasure as much as a necessity and the relationship between people and food defines the culture of a place.

I’m a qualified primary school teacher and have a Masters in Sociology. I taught for 14 years during the 1975 war in Lebanon which enriched my flexibility around my work as we had to work with very little resources. Also, I taught at the Teachers’ Training School where I trained as a teacher.

In England, I qualified as a counsellor with Relate. I like to think that gave me lots of awareness of myself and helped me work better with people.

Belly dancing

Belly dancing is the dance I grew up with. It was and still is a part of my everyday life (and the life of Arabic women who love to dance). I danced at home, with friends, at wedding and at parties. While studying at university I attended Belly dance courses in Lebanon to improve my skills. Growing up, I never thought of Belly dancing as a business I would consider, but nothing equalled the pleasure it gave me when I did.

Keeping people connected and engaged in a fun and informative way is at the heart of all I do.


Lebanon is an Arabic country bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the west (Cyprus is just 160 miles away), Syria from the east and north and Palestine from the south. The official language is Arabic although most people speak French and English too. Lebanon is the country of Khalil Goubran, 19th century author and philosopher.

It is rich in its diverse geography and history despite its small area of 10 452 km² (a little larger than Cyprus but smaller than Kosovo). From snow-capped rocky mountains to blue sea, the landscape changes from lush pine hills to green valleys where vegetables and vineyards grow and fruits planted on cascading hills watered by rivers, lakes and springs. I can genuinely say the fruits I ate in Lebanon were the tastiest!

Its location on the Mediterranean made Lebanon an ideal place for trade throughout the centuries. Lebanese people travelled the world to study and trade and for better opportunities especially in time of conflicts.

Food is at the heart of hospitality in Lebanon and it’s unheard of for anyone to visit a Lebanese family without been offered something to eat, be it a meal, fruits or nuts plus the famous coffee.

Our national flag depicts the famous Cedar Tree of Lebanon; these trees were first mentioned in the Bible and many are still standing.

Below are some pictures from my city Mina-Tripoli.

Why not combine the Lebanese cuisine and Belly Dancing to make your event a time to remember?

Interested or have questions? Email me on wafaa@dancingflavours.co.uk or call on 01225 378054 or 07763 930 199.

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Lebanese belly dancer dancing at a hen party

pictures from my city, Mina-Tripolpictures from my city, Mina-Tripolpictures from my city, Mina-Tripol

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