Let me set the record right. I am not a vegetarian. I eat absolutely anything that is not hot spicy, so chilli and the such are not in my dictionary. But I use vegetables a lot in my cooking.

Lebanese food is recognised as the most versatile in the world because it combines Middle Eastern cooking with a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Scientists and nutritionists recognise Lebanese cookery as the healthiest diet.

Frequently, I get asked if Lebanese cuisine is mostly vegetarian. The short answer is no. It is true we have endless vegetarian recipes but we do eat all sorts of meat but I will leave that for another blog.

A little story for you: I married my husband less than a month after we’ve met. At that time, his mum invited me to dinner. It was roast beef. When she placed a bowl of boiled/steamed vegetables on the table I was surprised to say the least. And just so you don’t think I am criticising, I do that now with my roast dinners. That bowl of boiled vegetables got me thinking about the varied use of vegetables in the Lebanese kitchen which I am used to and I share through my cookery classes and catering.

In the Lebanese kitchen, vegetables, are fried, baked, roasted, mashed, stuffed, rolled and chopped in casseroles. They are used as starters, side dishes and in mains dishes. They can be simply made with one vegetable or many. Vegetables are bought daily fresh and prepared with herbs and spices and cooked with tomato sauce, yoghurt or tahini. The choices are endless. And my book is full of tasty, healthy and easy to prepare recipes.

Summer is the time when our gardens, allotments and shops are bursting with a glut of seasonal vegetables. We all tend to repeat the same recipes again and again. So, I decided to do something about it.

At my cookalong on Zoom at 6pm on 18 September, I will be sharing a wonderful way to transform aubergine. The rich flavours of Middle Eastern cooking will meet the freshness of Mediterranean food and transport you to the heart of Lebanon without the ticket price.

To book your place at a bargain price of £30, email me or call me on 07763 930199.

If you would like to buy my vegetarian recipe book which is bursting with lots more tasty, healthy recipes, just email me.