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Talks on living in different cultures:

  • The lives of women in Lebanon
  • Arabic culture
  • Comparing the different cultures of my life in Lebanon and in the UK
  • The history of “Raks Charqui” (Belly Dancing)

I love to give talks about life in Lebanon and being a woman in an Arabic country – then and now. I am a regular speaker for the WI in Wiltshire and Somerset.  My talks are all interwoven with stories that I have heard or experienced personally and are presented in a fun and entertaining way but thought-provoking at the same time.

Also, at schools, I talk with staff and students about cultural awareness which can include

  • General insights into Arabic culture.
  • Roles of men and women in society.
  • The influence of religion on the law and norms practised in every day life.
  • The influence of family on personal life.
  • The changes to society brought by war.
  • Immigration, the causes and effects.
  • The role of women in the family and society throughout the generations and at different stages of their life.
  • Lebanon’s position geographically and the influence of the surrounding countries in general.
  • For the younger students, I can adjust the information and present the appropriate message through the means of dancing and cooking

Talks for Groups

It’s been a pleasure to give talks to local Rotary, WI, Lions, schools, gardening groups or any social group.  I particularly enjoy after dinner speaking.  Please contact me so I can quote for your special requirements.

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Why not combine the Lebanese cuisine and Belly Dancing to make your event a time to remember?

Interested or have questions? Email me on wafaa@dancingflavours.co.uk or call on 01225 378054 or 07763 930 199.

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