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Online Lebanese Cooking Classes

My 2021 online cooking classes are all about eating fresh food, supporting our immune system and sharing good times, regardless of restrictions, to maintain a healthy body and mind. My virtual cook-along classes bring people together to learn healthy, tasty and affordable Lebanese recipes while exchanging tips, having a drink, a chat and a laugh.

All classes are £30 per household.

Spices for Sayadieh
Cooking Sayadieh

A sesasonal vegetable feast – Saturday 24 July

Using seasonal produce fresh from your garden or the local market, we will be preparing Lebanese dishes that tickle your taste buds. We will be adding pulses and spices to make them even more healthy and exciting.

Lebanese broad beans and rice

No online cooking in August – I’ll be back on 18th September with a flat bread cookalong session

How it works

You can join a set class or book your own session for a group over 5 or more people.

Special offer for group bookings – free cookery book for the person making the group booking.

Vouchers are available if you would like to treat a loved one to a cooking experience for a birthday present. 

If you would like more information or would like to book, call me on 07763 930199 or email me.

I recently organised an evening cook along with Wafaa team event for my remote working team from work. It was a fantastic way of bringing everyone together in a non-work environment. From the outset of planning, Wafaa was extremely engaging ensuring that the menu suited everyone even going as far as creating a vegetarian menu which was cooked in parallel. Wafaa regaled the team with stories of Lebanon and Lebanese culture and the importance of food throughout the cooking and meal, at the appropriate point Wafaa left and allowed the team to enjoy a non-work chat and opportunity to let our hair down a bit. I can not recommend this format enough, great fun, perfect host, wonderful evening had by all. Duncan Young – December 20

Thank you for a very entertaining evening. Much to my surprise, the combination of ingredients was delicious. My husband has a very conservative taste in food but he thoroughly enjoyed the dishes we prepared. Alison – 20 June 21

Wafaa hosted a cooking party for my birthday this week and it was a great success. The organisation was very simple with Wafaa recommending dishes based on the dietary requirements and number of people. She provided the list of ingredients well in advance which was appreciated. The session ran smoothly with Wafaa talking about Lebanon, facts about the ingredients we were using and tips on how to integrate them into other dishes. All my guests had a great time too and it was a wonderful way to make a lockdown birthday more interesting. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to something just a bit different and I can see the value of something similar for corporate teams working remotely. Katie Memory, March 21.

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