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Belly Dancing – Originating in the Arabic world

Wafaa demonstrating belly dancing

Belly Dancing dates back over 2000 years. The name of this dance in the Arabic countries is “Raks Charqui” which translates to “Oriental Dance”

Belly dancing is the dance I grew up with. It was and still is a part of my everyday life (and the life of Arabic women who love to dance). I danced at home, with friends, at weddings and at parties.

Belly Dancing is an ancient form of dance created by women to entertain women and to help with menstrual pain and strengthen the muscles before and after giving birth.

Belly dancing is for women of all ages, shapes and sizes… It:

  • promotes good posture
  • enhances graceful body movements
  • strengthens the back and abdominal muscles especially the pelvic floor
  • helps to trim the waistline
  • increases suppleness and flexibility of the whole body, whilst toning thighs, back, arms, shoulders and stomach
  • it reduces head and back aches as the movement relaxes the muscles
  • it improves circulation and exercise joints through the movement
  • helps to reduce your stress levels and to express difficult emotions in a safe
    way – thus promoting wellbeing.
  • As a result, a woman has more confidence in her body and in herself
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