We will survive. And we will beat Covid-19

Butterbean salad and spinach salad Lebanese dishes

A friend of mine in Lebanon, who I met years ago when I was a primary school teacher, called me for a chat and catch up. The conversation, of course, was mainly about the Coronavirus, the lockdown and the effects on our daily life at the moment all over the world.

I have to say, we didn’t forget to be grateful for what we have and expressed our belief in our ability to manage whatever challenges we face. After all, we both survived 20 years of war in our youth.

The financial difficulties we will be facing after lockdown are a worldwide concern and many of us will have to adjust our ways of living and manage our spending habits.  One thing is a fact, we all have to eat and already the price of food is soaring.

To survive, and survive we will, we need to know firstly how to eat well so our body can fight illnesses. We are bombarded by food trends and theories and it is getting more complicated and expensive by the day. Scientific research has proved that the best way to eat rests on three basic elements:

  • Eat fresh not processed food.
  • Use as wide a variety of ingredients as possible. The richness of goodness in varied food helps promote better gut health and results in a strong immune system. And boy, we will need a strong immune system.
  • Fall back in love with cooking and eating – enjoying, savouring, appreciating and sharing what we eat so food will nourish our body and soul.

Secondly, we need to choose foods that are affordable and available.  The market is suffocated with an endless choice of ingredients we might not be able to afford. So we have to look at ways of eating well but cost effectively.

That is where the Lebanese cuisine is particularly useful.  It is rich with endless recipes that are simple to prepare, use very few ingredients, and ones that are cheap and available in every market.

I would love to share my recipes with you and so I am delighted to announce my new online cooking classes.  I am offering a series of weekly lunchtime cooking classes (maximum 45 minutes) as well as a longer evening cooking class once a month where we also end the class by sharing the meal together online.

Cooking classes work really well online because you can watch me prepare and cook the recipe whilst benefitting from the familiarity of your own kitchen.  It is also a wonderful way to connect with other people and have fun.

I look forward to hearing from you and cooking with you.

For more information, email wafaa@dancingflavours.co.uk