Lebanese food for thoughts and parties

People at a dinner party

Well, before the novelty of blogging wears off, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on eating tasty and healthy food everyday and at parties.

Are you bombarded by suggestions on healthy eating? Aren’t we all?

I have lived in different cultures and observed what makes people happy despite what is going on around them. Here are some pointers:

What to eat?

Food that benefits our body needs to be fresh, local when possible, homemade (not from a bag or packet) and using versatile ingredients and colours. The most important element to the food we consume must be enjoyment. It is a pleasure to savour and be grateful for so there is no point to feeling guilty every time we eat a piece of cake as long as that is not all we eat.

Make time, share food:

Inviting people into your home or workplace and sharing fresh, simple and honest food create a sense of belonging and reduces loneliness and stress thus increasing a sense of wellbeing daily and belonging in times of parties and celebrations.

Look at other cultures where homemade food is at the heart of everyday living and celebrations. It is a pleasure and a way to show care, welcoming, abundance, hospitality, generosity and connectivity.

I am a believer.

Lebanese food is in the spotlight at the moment as the most healthy cuisine because it is so versatile in the way we cook our freshly bought ingredients. We are strong on flavours not heat.

I just returned after a month in Lebanon visiting my family and learning new authentic recipes. I was fed by my family and friends I did not have to cook once. Lebanon is a country held together by the power of Lebanese food and it is heartwarming to witness.

Intrigued? Allow me to make your celebration an event to remember.

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