Belly dance for fitness and fun – why?

belly dancing class
Belly dancing class

I was reflecting on my business over the Christmas and the New Year holidays. I wondered why I became a belly dance teacher when I thought I was going to be a primary school teacher in Lebanon until the day I die.

I might share with you the story of my journey from a teacher to a belly dancer another time but now let me tell why I belly dance.

Why 1: Everyone who knows me can see that I have a high level of energy even now in my late 50s. Imagine how energetic I was as a child! I lived with my family in a flat in a city with not much outdoor space to run around – all I had was a narrow long balcony. The only way I could use my energy was by dancing.

 So, I belly danced.

Why 2: I was 14 years old when the 20 years of war in Lebanon started. That meant more restrictions on going out. Of course being a teenager with all the roaring teenage hormones added to feelings of fear, anger and a sense of being trapped made life unbearable.

So, I belly danced.

Why 3: In my early 20s I discovered love. But that came with all the restrictions of my family and cultural norms and traditions. Frustration took over, anger bubbled and desperation set over me and I can easily say over most of my generation. I couldn’t change any of that.

 So, I belly danced.

Why 4: I danced mainly on my own around the house but also with friends when we met. “Good girls” didn’t go out partying or to clubs so we brought the party, giggles and fun into our own homes.

So, I Belly danced.

Why 5: My period pain was manageable, and my pregnancies were easy and straight forward. Thanks to belly dancing my body was fit and able to cope beautifully with all that is related to being a female.

So, I carried on belly dancing.

Why 6:  I was always aware of the part of my physical appearance that I didn’t like -big bum, wide hips etc… but because my body moved in a sensual way when I was belly dancing I learnt to I love my body and feel confident to stand tall which improved my posture.

So, I belly danced.

Why 7: I came to a new country knowing no one. Through belly dancing I got to know lots of people and I made lots of friends.  I can proudly say, I have many friends.

What will belly dancing do for you I wonder? Try my belly dance class and find out!

Classes for beginners starting in March in Trowbridge and Westbury.

For more info: wafaa@dancingflavours.co.uk